Cremation only, performed at a reassuring price
Funerals from a total of 95,000yen including everything

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Process flow

(using the Mizue funeral hall as an example)
Cremation only

cremation only
We would go to the picup location that you requested.

The deceased is fundamentally placed in the casket at the pick-up location.
(Hospital morgue, etc.)

cremation only

Please prepare an original or copy of the death certificate or permit for cremation which is required to repose in the Mizue funeral hall morgue.

cremation only

cremation only
The deceased is moved to the crematorium morgue.
* The vehicle may differ from the one pictured

cremation only

cremation only
The morgue will take custody.

Please rest assured the deceased will be stored refrigerated.

cremation only
Arrangements can be made by phone, by coming to our office, by e-mail, by FAX or at the location (hospital), etc.

The cremation reservation is made.

The official paperwork, permit for cremation is obtained (We can act as an agent as an alternative)

cremation only

cremation only
Farewell hall at the Mizue funeral hall
All people except 3 of the bereaved family will pay their respects here.

All except for those 3 people will then move to a waiting room.

The representatives of the bereaved family will proceed to the cremator for confirmation.

cremation only

cremation only
The cremation time is approximately 1 hour.

cremation only

cremation only
The bones are removed from the ashes. Please remove the cremated bones of your loved one and place them in the urn.

Important points regarding Minimum Plan (cremation only)

*The body cannot be moved at night, so we will come to the hospital etc. between 11 am and 6 pm.
(If the death occurs at night, please request that the deceased be allowed to remain at the hospital until daytime hours. We are striving to keep costs down. Your assistance in this is greatly appreciated.)

*The cost for transportation using the hearse for a single trip (going to the facility for pick-up, etc.) of up to 30km is included and is limited to the Tokyo metro area.
(Please be aware that the fee for the hearse may differ if our own hearse is already being used elsewhere)

*Please contact us with any questions or inquiries regarding Minimum Plan between the hours of 9 am and 6 pm.

*There may be cases where we may not be able to help you if you have not applied in advance.

*The total amount will be due prior to the cremation on the day of cremation.

*The cremation times are 2 pm for municipal and 3 pm for private
(the time can change with the approval of the mourning family)

*Please come to our office for the coordination.
(Please consult with us when you are not able to come to our office. You can also use e-mail or FAX to coordinate. )

*We ask that you not be present during the moving from the hospital, etc. as a safeguard. You will meet up with the deceased at the crematorium.

*Please refrain from loading a large amount of luggage in or having a large number of people ride in the hearse.

*If we are keeping the deceased until cremation, please refrain from meeting.
(The storage charge for 1 day is included)

*The casket size is 1.8m. A larger size casket will require an additional payment.
A 1.9m casket for an adult male would be an additional 3,150 yen.

*Up to 6 people may accompany to the crematorium, and there is an additional charge for more people.
Please print, fill in and fax the application form in order to apply in advance.

*Please print, fill in and fax the application form in order to apply in advance.
Please apply in advance. Prior application form

*The crematoriums are located in Horinouchi, Yoyohata, Ochiai, Kirigaya, Machiya, Yotsugi, Tama, Toda, Mizue, Rinkai, Oume, Mizuho, Tachikawa, Hachioji, Minami Tama, Hino or Fuchu no Mori.

*It is recommended that you use a funeral hall other than Mizue if you wish to place flowers in the casket.
(This does not apply if the person dies at home and is to be moved from the home to the crematorium.)

*This plan is not intended for those who wish to have the deceased placed in their home, or for those who wish to do something original.
(This does not apply if the person dies at home and is to be moved from the home to the crematorium.)

*Please be aware of the cancellation charge which will be 50% if the hearse has already been dispatched, 70% if the deceased has already been picked-up (not placed in the casket) or 100% cancellation fee if the deceased has already been placed in the casket.

*We are sorry, but there are no paper pamphlets regarding this plan. Please print this information out from our website, using your home computer.

*Tips are not included (for private crematoriums)

*The total amount is the total charge if everything goes smoothly. Please be aware that the final amount may differ. For this reason, we would be happy to consult with you in advance.
(This might include circumstances such as the distance for the hearse, the condition of the cremation, delays due to the reservation status of the crematorium or severe damage due to accidental death, etc. In addition, please request items such as the flowers, the portrait of the deceased, the plain wood memorial tablet or the introduction of religious people, etc.)

*We ask the family to arrange the administrative proceedings.
We can optionally act as an agent.

Please have a person who can speak Japanese accompany you. A friend or acquaintance is fine.

Please do not hesitate to ask about anything else. Our contact email is

Phone 03-3328-0977 9 am - 6 pm
HIMAWARI of Family Funeral(Suzuki Mortuary Inc. Himawari Section)
Tokyo Suginami Izumi 1-1-14 2F

Please do not hesitate to call if you have a reservation or if the death is sudden.

Crematorium Address/Phone
Crematorium name Address Phone
Horinouchi funeral hall Tokyo suginami umesato1-2-27 03-3311-2324
Yoyohata funeral hall Tokyo shibuya nishihara2-42-1 03-3466-1006
Ochiai funeral hall Tokyo shinzyuku kamiotiai3-34-12 03-3361-4042
Kirigaya funeral hall Tokyo shinagawa nishigotanda5-32-20 03-3491-0213
Machiya funeral hall Tokyo arakawa matchiya1-23-4 03-3892-0311
Yotsugi funeral hall Tokyo katushika shiratori2-9-1 03-3601-0424
Tama funeral hall Tokyo futyu tamamatchi2-1-1 042-361-2174
Toda funeral hall Tokyo itabashi funado4-15-1 03-3966-4241
Mizue funeral center Tokyo edogawa haruetyo3-26-10 03-3670-0131
Rinkai funeral hall Tokyo oota toukai1-3-1 03-5755-2833
oume municipal funeral hall Tokyo oume nagabutchi5-698-2 0428-22-5200
Mizuho funeral hall Tokyo nishitama mizuhomathci fuzisan kurihara sinden244 042-557-0064
tatikawa akishima kunitatchi crematorium Tokyo tatchikawa hagoromomatchi3-20-18 042-522-2730
hatiouzi city funeral hall Tokyo hatchiouzi yamadatcho1681-2 0426-64-5707
Minamitama funeral hall Tokyo matchidashi kamioyamadatyo1-23-4 042-797-7641
hino city crematorium Tokyo hino tamadaira3-28-8 042-583-8888
Grove of futyu citizens seien Tokyo futyu asamathco1-3 0423-67-7788